TaLC2020 main conference


The TaLC2020 main conference will be taking place fully online

Registration is possible online (see below) and will remain open up to and including the 18th of July (papers and recorded synchronous sessions will be available one year for registered participants)

Follow us on the Twitter account @talc2020 or watch this space for updates

Contact us by email: talc2020@univ-perp.fr 


Academic Programme

The programme will consist of full papers, workshops, poster sessions, as well as plenary talks. We are delighted to have the following speakers at TaLC2020, who have all agreed to adapt to the online format: Maggie Charles (University of Oxford), Mark Davies (Brigham Young University), Sylvain Detey (Waseda University), François Maniez (University of Lyon 2), Pascual Pérez-Paredes (Universidad de Murcia – University of Cambridge).  Titles and abstracts for plenaries can be found by clicking on the names of the speakers. Plenary talks will be streamed on the 16th and 17th of July. Each plenary will be followed by a synchronous exchange with the speaker.

The programme for the week beginning Monday 13th of July can be downloaded (last updated 10/07/20). Please check regularly for updates. Because of timezone differences, some synchronous sessions may not suit all participants. Therefore, all synchronous sessions will be recorded and made available to registered participants.

Conference venue

The conference will be held at the University of Perpignan in the south of France. Although there is an airport in Perpignan, with a range of international destinations, the nearest large international airports are Barcelona and Toulouse. There are regular train services from these cities to Perpignan. See practical information below. But since you’ll all be staying at home, this information is now quite irrelevant 😉

Papers, posters, plenaries…

Papers and posters will be uploaded onto the conference platform to be accessed by registered participants (download list of papers and posters below). Registration is open to all, presenters and non-presenting participants alike. Access to the full online conference will only be made available to registered participants, who will receive a certificate of attendance.

Information for recording conference presentations can be found here. A Framapad is available for sharing information, tips, questions for recording conference presentations. 

List of papers and posters

Click here to download the abstracts for all papers and posters (last updated 10/07/20).


A range of conference workshops are on offer during TaLC2020:

  • WORKSHOP 1: Exploring language using VersaText (James Thomas) FULL
  • WORKSHOP 2: Designing pedagogical materials using interactive data-driven learning (iDDL) with multilingual learner corpora (Aleksey Novikov, Adriana Picoral, Bruna Sommer, Ola Swatek, Nicole Schmidt, Ashley Velazquez and Shelley Staples) FULL
  • WORKSHOP 3: Direct and indirect applications of learner and expert corpora to language teaching and learning: a top-down and bottom-up approach (Niall Curry and Jane Seely) FULL
  • WORKSHOP 4: Multivariate exploratory techniques for linguists with R (Guillaume Desagulier) FULL
  • WORKSHOP 5: Travel to Perpignan with French lessons (Gwladys Coll and Olivier Douillet) FULL

Workshops are open to all registered participants (on a first come first served basis – participants can attend as many workshops as they wish). See the workshops page for more information and to sign up! Workshops will take place from the 13th to the 15th of July. See the programme above. Workshops will either be recorded or will have a notebook or pre-recorded material, thereby making them accessible to participants unable to attend synchronously.


The revised enrolment fees for TaLC2020 are: 40€ (full academic/professional) / 20€ (reduced rate).

Register online by clicking here.

Please be aware that this is a Sciencesconf registration and payment website only. Please note that payment is by card only; no other forms of payment are possible. Registration is open to all, presenters and non-presenting participants alike. Access to the full online conference will only be made available to registered participants, who will receive a certificate of attendance.

Each author wishing to attend must register. In other words, for multi-author papers and posters, either one author can show up, or some, or all… And authors of more than one paper or poster only need to register once.

If you already have a Scincesconf account, you should use this. For first timers, click on “Create account”. Once you have created an account, you can register for the conference. Please make sure to click on the correct professional status or “Category” before submitting your registration form. The “Payment” page should appear following registration (you can actually pay later on, by going into “My registration > Amount to pay”). The online payment will take you to a page in French which features the University of Perpignan logo. You will be asked to confirm payment (“Veuillez confirmer…”) by clicking on the green box displaying the amount to pay; this takes you to a standard online secure card payment form. And at the end, don’t foget to click on the final green box « Valider » (« Cliquez sur Valider pour terminer votre inscription… ») otherwise registration will not be completed. If you receive the following email, you know you got it right. If you don’t get this email, then you’re not paid up. Sometimes, a change of browser can help if things aren’t going well.

       [talc2020] Registration confirmation

       Dear XXXX,

       Your registration is confirmed for Teaching and Language Corpora Conference.

       Summary of your registration…

Click here to see screen by screen online payment procedure. Good luck!

Social programme

Bastille day fireworks, les jeudis de Perpignan street arts and music, French language classes, visits, canoeing… (Just so you know what would have been!)

The new revised social programme is just as good (or almost) and involves T-shirts:

  • Virtual visit of Perpignan and region on Thursday 16th of July followed by a fancy-dress « apéro zoom » (prize for most original drink and most original fancy-dress – chance to win a Perpignan University TaLC2020 T-shirt!)
  • Quiz hosted by the organising team on Friday 17th of July (chance to win a Perpignan University TaLC2020 T-shirt!). Teams (4 people max; individuals welcome too) register by sending the name of their team by email: talc2020@univ-perp.fr. Simple rules, questions for all people, all countries, all levels on all topics … including corpora … and language … and other stuff as well!
  • Conference Art exhibition: throughout the conference, send us photos of your TaLC2020-related drawings, paintings, sculptures, mess … whatever! (chance to win a Perpignan University TaLC2020 T-shirt!)
  • Virtual visit of Paulilles and snorkelling on Saturday 18th of July

Conference forum